Education Documents

Agriculture Canada HEMP

Published by an arm of the Canadian Federal Government, this 22 page reports discusses the history of Hemp and the current status of the hemp industry in Canada. Read More

CBD Legal Status

Lexaria engaged a law firm with experience in this field, to produce this legal opinion regarding the manufacturing, distribution and sale within the USA, of products containing CBD. Read More

Congressional Research Service HEMP

This 29-page study was produced in 2013 by a specialist in agricultural policy for Members and Committees of Congress. It provides an excellent overview of the legal hemp industry. Read…

Department of Justice Hemp Exemptions

Published in 2001 in the Federal Register, the document from the Drug Enforcement Administration discusses the exemptions its issued to its own interpretive rule, allowing for exemptions from the Controlled…

Global Tea Consumption

This 14-page document was published in 2009 and provides information on the history of tea and current global consumption and other trends. Read More

GRAS Overview

Lexaria provides this proprietary document produced as a result of its engagement of a law firm with experience in this sector. It provides an overview of Generally Recognized As Safe…

Sources of Cannabis Case Reports and Studies

This bibliography makes more than 350 references to published articles or studies related to cannabis or cannabidiol and their relationship with various health conditions. Read More

Tea Council Tea & Health Brochure

Like eating fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods, regular tea consumption has been shown to have significant benefits. Did you know that tea is the second most popular beverage in…

United States Court of Appeals DEA vs. Hemp

This is the actual 2004 court opinion that found the DEA had overstepped its authority and may only enforce Schedule 1 regulation in the presence of marijuana or synthetic THC.…

United States Patent on Cannabinoids

This is the actual patent published in 1999 by the US Patent Office. The Assignee is “The United State of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human…