About Lexaria


Lexaria CanPharm Corp. is a subsidiary of Lexaria Bioscience Corp, which acquired the precursor to the DehydraTECH™ technology in 2014. Lexaria CanPharm Corp was formed in 2014 to focus on commercial opportunities within the cannabis industry and is empowered with an exclusive global license to utilize DehydraTECH worldwide for the delivery of cannabis and cannabis-complex molecules.

Lexaria CanPharm Corp. has emerged as a global leader in enhancing the flavor, bouquet and gastro-intestinal delivery of cannabis-based foods, beverages, and supplement products. The Lexaria family of companies has also demonstrated effectiveness in improvements of delivery through human skin for the potential development of topically-administered products, including patches, cremes and lotions.

Lexaria’s ground-breaking 2018 human clinical study investigated delivery of cannabidiol (“CBD”) to human volunteers under a medical university setting. At the 30-minute mark, Lexaria’s technology delivered 317% more CBD to blood than the non-technologically enhanced generic CBD. A number of tests have been conducted and the common achievements are more cannabinoids delivered – and delivered more quickly – with DehydraTECH than without. This advanced technology achieves FOUR different benefits: faster action; better taste; higher bioavailability; and avoidance of first-pass liver biotransformation. And it can do so with a “clean label” that does not add any unwanted chemicals.

Lexaria produces industry-leading research to support its novel delivery technology. Lexaria’s business model depends on industry partners who out-license its technology for additional R&D and consumer product development.

None of this can happen without the talented and dedicated people who have supported Lexaria’s development and growth. Lexaria’s internal and consulting team includes industry leaders, research scientists, clinicians, analytical chemists, medical schools and universities, intellectual property experts, and partnering company collaborators.